Open Source Transport Database

Open Source Transport Database

Welcome to the home of what I hope will be a successful project, and that I hope will garner increasing support.


To provide free to use, free to distribute and free to modify transport logging databases, predominately Aircraft and Rail databases, if there is anybody who would like help in designing something similar for another form of transport, such as busses, then feel free to get in touch, although, I would want to finish the aircraft and rail databases first.

A little history

Well, the databases shortly to available from here have their roots firmly planted in the dim and distant past, starting in the early 90's on filemaker pro on an old mac, before migrating to a dos based database on a windows machine, before moving, around 1996 to an Access database. However, around 2000 I became intersted, and started working with Linux based systems. At the time, the destop features of Linux operating systems were far from what they are today. Anyway as time has progressed, the only reason I had to use Microsoft windows was to use my aircraft logging databases, but I was generally happy with how the database worked, but it was becoming increasingly cumbersome to update, so I decided to bite the bullet, quite a while ago now, and at first I designed a web based version, but again I only got as far as designing the 'logging' database, actually made really quite heavy progress, as a web site, written in php with a MySql database backend, but this meant that you had to have a web server running on a pc so that it could be accessed, and then, there were issues with Internet Explorer, no surprises there, with formatting issues, that weren't noticeable in in other browsers.

As an aside, I was working on a method of automatically renaming digital images to have meaningful names, for this I was using, and MySQL as the backend. At this point in time, OpenOffice was at version 2.x. Whilst being functional, the database component of was still at an appreciably early stage of development, and you weren't able to save macro's in tha actual database file, this is no longer the case with current version of OpenOffice.

Other than using the existing data that I had in my backend database, this has been, and still ongoing, from the ground up new database build. To date I have concentrated on maintaing the backend data, although the logging / enquiry side of the database is now also quite well progressed.

At the moment, the backend data is built using a variety of sources, you can see which, from the menu on the left. I will describe in more detail how the data from the various sources is massaged to fit with my format. It does however work very well, and keeping the backend data upto date is now quite a quick process. Over the midsts of time, some of the sources of data have been forgotten, or no longer even exist.

Of course, the main advantages of using MySQL and, is that the database works on a variety of operating systems with out modification, or the need to run an emulator, or virtual machine, which as far as I'm aware, none of the paid for databases available do, as I think the majority are based on MS Access. There is also the advantage that and MySQL are available for free, and following that lead, these database are available for free and always will be.

I have setup a new google group, that will act as a mailing list.

I have also set up a SourceForge project, that will act as a files repository

A 2nd repository will be kept in sync at googledocs.

Google Docs - Open Source Transport Database


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